Thoughts on god.

I'm a pretty weak agnostic. I'm not convinced there is or isn't a god or all powerful being somewhere. I'm also not convinced that such knowledge is impossible to come by. I've just yet to see it. But in my own contemplation I wonder if there really is a all powerful/all knowing being he is conspicuously impotent and lets innocent children die of disease, people without blame be murdered or injured and lets evil people prosper. All this with the promise of a future potential benefit of a wonderful afterlife? That afterlife comes with the condition that we worship him and follow some arbitrary set of rules? Seriously?

Is the highest form of being in the universe that narcissistic that his requirement for humanity to be saved from the shitty existence he put them in and fails to manage is to bow down and worship him on special days of the week through the control of self appointed religious leaders and arbitrary ritual?

I'm willing to declare that if salvation comes only through the worship of a narcissistic, jealous, cruel, bigoted god and I'd rather cease to exist than spend eternity on my knees in worship of that.


Rich said…
You are raising two issues:

1) is there a god;
2) if so, what is his nature.

Settle the first before you grapple with the second.
Rich said…
You are raising two separate issues:

1) is there a god, and
2) what is his nature

Answer the first before you grapple with the second.
clip-football said…
Thank you very much

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