Jay's Journal

For those who don't know it's a "purportedly" autobiographical account written by a boy named Jay. It chronicles Jay’s troubles in a series of diary entries that tell the first person narrative of the story. He starts out as a good LDS boy who falls into a life of alcohol, drugs, sex, and finally satanic worship. Obviously meant as a cautionary tale for LDS youth. I haven't read it for a good 20 years but I seem to recall he and his friends calling themselves the 3 Nephites and parts about moving things with their minds after they had their Satanic Powers!

For those who didn't follow the whole story it came out that Jay’s family was angry because the author embellished LOTS missing parts to make it more compelling.

It's funny how a little bit of critical thinking and hindsite makes something like this silly. But my little teenage mind sucked it all in.

SL Weekly article
Jay's Journal on wikipedia


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