Simon Weisenthal's is still a Mormon.

Mormons remove Wiesenthal from baptism database

LA Times- The church complies with a request that the Nazi hunter's name be erased from a genealogy database for posthumous baptisms.
By K. Connie Kang, Times Staff WriterDecember 19, 2006
A potential conflict between Jewish organizations and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over vicarious baptism was averted Monday when the church said that Simon Wiesenthal's name was removed from the church's genealogical records.The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles had demanded earlier in the day that Wiesenthal's name be removed from the church's online International Genealogical Index, the church's database of posthumous "ordinances" or vicarious baptisms.

While the LDS church may have removed his name from the databases they still did his "temple work." That means they have baptised him, ordained him to the priesthood, and likely performed a marriage and endowment. The records have changed but until they cancel the ordinances they still consider them valid.


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