On the GetReligion blog concerning Mitt Romney's Presidential coverage.

GetReligion: October 23, 2006:

I think the journalist coverage of Romney’s Mormonism is specific to the modern issues regarding it. The miracles believed by mainstream Christians are 2000 years old. The belief in modern Prophets, gold plates written in Egyptian, visits by God & Jesus to a boy in America are all very modern.
For example, the LDS church granted the privilege of priesthood to those of African background by revelation in 1976. Modern religious miracles like revelations from God are strange to mainstream Americans. It’s the modern context that makes this relevant from a journalistic standpoint.
In my personal opinion Romney is the most capable politician we’ve had take a look at the presidency in quite a while. Even as a former Mormon I admire him. But a lingering questions remains . . .
Would a Mormon President do what the Prophet told him to do?



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