Mitt Romney as a puppet for the LDS Prophet.

The speculation regarding Romney and the electability of a Mormon has been going on for a while now. One issue that I've failed to see addressed is the risk of a President with strong LDS beliefs as just a puppet for the church.

As a believing latter-day saint Romney believes that Hinckley is the authorized conduit of god. He is a prophet just like moses. In his eyes Gordon B Hinckley is the mouthpiece of god. As a good believing saint he wouldn't question the revelation of the prophet or his specific advice. The prophet could tell him to do something and he would. Period!

As a believing Latter Day Saint we make specific promises to put the church about all. We make these "covenants" in the temple. Members in the temple covenant to keep the Law of Sacrifice. In doing so, participants "covenant to sacrifice all that we possess, even our own lives if necessary, in sustaining and defending the kingdom of God." The "kingdom of god" is the LDS church.

Take this a step further. It's not unlikely that Boyd K Packer could ascend to "prophet" in the next few years. Just imagine the power that a religious nut like Packer would try to exercise over a LDS president.

Holy crap that's scarier than a temple throat slash!


C.L. Hanson said…
This probably hasn't come up yet because the election is still far away. But once the primaries are underway -- if it looks like he's doing well -- I'm sure his sworn obedience to the president of the LDS church will become an issue.
Anonymous said…
This is such a rediculous argument. What about Harry Reid? Do you think he marches to the Prophets drum?? There are many LDS people in Congress (including my Senator in Oregon) and they all seem to be original thinking
and anything but a puppet.
The LDS President is careful to state that he does not issue any political directives to anyone. I would say the only exceptions would be in local gov't zoning or building when the church might lobby for something that directly effects it property or mission. And the other is purely moral and specific ballot measures such as the Defence of Marriage Act in various states.

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