Torn Between two lovers.... feeling like a fool

So we go out to Port-o-Call on Saturday night. It's me, my date, and Eric. Royal Bliss is playing and I go upstairs to use the head. I hear someone say "Hey Jake" I turn to see "ex cute nice girl" walking up to me. Now we haven't seen or talked since February 2003. We buy drinks, chit chat and after about 30 minutes "my date" comes and tracks me down. It felt like one of those Three's Company episodes where Jack Tripper gets himself in some crazy trouble. Of course in my case I introduced them and nothing more happened. Well my date gets way too drunk and after I put her to bed i get a text from "ex cute nice girl". I text back, she calls and we talk on the phone for about 3 hours. Very weird.

Now she wants to get together for coffee. And I'm torn. We had something very very strong for the short time we dated. But the reasons why it ended are still there. Can I just follow my heart? What about the person I'm dating now? I know it's not forever but she is nice and makes me happy.


Juice420 said…
We don't love them hos.

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