Lent Experiement

It's seems to be a annual right of spring in my life. Maybe it's a post New Years resolution. For the 3rd year I'm trying to give up something for the season of lent. I'm not doing this for religious observance, I'm still not convinced that I believe in god, let alone the uber god of my former Mormon religion. For me it's a exercise in self control. I test of will power.

My lent experiment this year is to avoid my hobby of challenging my former religion on LDS message boards.

Having spent so many years in the Morg (the Mormon Organization, aka borg) I really found myself comfortable in the culture. However when i discovered that the foundation that I had always assumed to be try was not even close to true my faith crumbled. I spend years reading the apologetic research of BYU, FARMS, FAIR, SHEILDS, Hugh Nibley, and as many other LDS authors as I could find. Almost all of my reading was based first on the historicity of the Book of Mormon, then the Book of Abraham, the temple ceremony, then on church history. The first half-dozen problems I put on the shelf. I believed in my heart of the basic beliefs of the church were true and that my research was going to bear that out. Boy was I mistaken. KJV in the BOM, archeology, can't read Egyptian, etc. . . .. Each new revelation hit me like a punch in the gut. It took close to 2 years before I was willing to admitt to myself what should have been imediately obvious. The church isn't true.

All that time and effort did do one thing for me. It gave me the foundation and intresting in LDS and opposing scholarship. Since then I've posted on LDS message boards from like Beliefnet, ZLMB, more recently exmormon recovery board and the FAIR message board.

On some forums I mostly answer questions and point people in the right direction. On others I like to play with the apologists to point out the absurdity of their research.


Anonymous said…
Hi all, this is Juice. You will soon find that most of my rants are drunken rants. This particular rant is going to be about how Jake should have just followed his heart(brain?) in the beginning. The part that told him to question the absurdities of mormonism, that is, not the part that resisted. Being born into the religion none of it really seemed strange, I mean c'mon... when you grow up in Kaysville, UT you get a pretty one-sided look at life. Questioning isn't necessary or rewarding since all the answers you get will be from the same slant. Anyway, my point is this, at around age 14 or so I realized that the doctrine was simply bizarre. I didn't do a bunch of research and read a ton of books, it just didn't ring true so I pretty much just junked it and never looked back. blah blah blah look at the drunken monkey... So those of you that still plan on getting your own planets, best of luck to you and tell Jesus I said waazzuuuup my homie!

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